You must know I want the same world as you do, a better one. The only way to build it is together. We do greater things when we act as one. When we trust each other as equals. This is not a coronation for a King, it is for a King and Queen.

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We do greater things when we act as one, when we trust each other, as equals. This is not just a coronation for a king. It is for a king and queen.

Mary’s gown includes an exaggerated train. ”I wanted something that really went above and beyond anything we’ve seen Mary wear before,” says Markworth-Pollack, who cites photos of British Queen Victoria at her 1838 coronation as royal inspiration. But before diving into the design process, the costumer needed assurance that the train would be given the royal treatment. ”The director promised that if we built it, she would shoot it, which I find is not always the case,” she says. ”You end up putting a lot of labor into something that because of the nature of TV, you don’t always get to see the full effect of.” [x]